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Maier Shoes are produced in order to offer you comfort, safety, beauty and durability. But despite all our criteria for perfect manufacturing, it may eventually have a defect. In this way, it has the Factory Warranty against Defects. The Warranty offers a period of three months from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects only.

In cases of misuse, natural wear and tear, accidents or inappropriate use of chemical products, the Warranty will be void. Cancellation will also be made if repairs are made by an unauthorized company.

If the defect is indeed recognized, the Warranty will resolve the problem within 30 days of receipt of the product at the factory.

Coverage or Exclusions of this Warranty

  • Seams: The Warranty covers, except in cases where the thread has broken due to wear or friction, cut or accident;

  • Gluing: Covers defects in the gluing of the sole, not covering the aging or natural wear of the leather or other materials of the upper;

  • Leather aging: Maier Calçados uses only high quality and durable leather. However, even products of this quality can fade, dry out and even tear over time and use, this is a natural aging process and is not considered a manufacturing defect;

  • Linings: The company uses linings that meet abrasion and tear resistance standards, but can break with use and friction. In this case, the Warranty will not cover it, as it is a matter of natural wear and tear. Wear comes from some factors, such as wrong numbering, calluses, heel shape, long or deformed nails, etc.;

  • Soles: Maier Calçados uses special high quality soles, with antioxidant components. However, with the passage of time and use, the rubbers/TR can show oxidation (dry out) and suffer cracks, becoming whitish. As this is a natural aging process, it is not considered a manufacturing defect. To prevent this from happening, protect your shoes from damp places, exposure to the sun, contact with grease and petroleum derivatives, as well as chemicals.

  • Sole Wear: The company uses the best soles on the market. However, it also suffers wear and tear, which is not a defect, so the Warranty will not cover it. Many factors can influence the lifespan of the sole.

Important Notes

  • Perspiration: Maier Calçados uses breathable materials that meet international standards. However, a closed shoe may have some moisture inside after use. Not being characterized as a defect. After use, leave it in an airy environment;

  • As it is of animal origin, leather can show stains, scratches and color variations, which is considered normal, as each skin is unique and proves that it is natural;

  • Shipping will be borne by the company, under the conditions of the Warranty. If the product does not meet these conditions, the freight will be borne by the owner of the product;

  • Avoid wearing white socks in the first few days of using the shoe, as if the shoe has a dark lining it may stain, as it may eventually release some paint;

  • If you decide to use products for the conservation of shoes, make sure it is suitable for the material of your shoe, so as not to damage it;

  • Never wash your shoes with water, immersed, this can damage the material (leather) of the shoes. Use only a damp cloth to remove dust, both on the upper and on the sole;

  • The lifespan of a shoe can vary greatly, it can last for years or months. Footwear is influenced by climate, terrain, conditions of use, weight, cleaning method and many other factors, which may determine its durability.

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